What is the primary reason you would like to avoid foreclosure?
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What is the address of the home in which you would like to avoid foreclosure?
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What is the estimated value of the home?
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What is the current total balance of any and all loans or liens against the property?
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It looks like you may have options to avoid foreclosure!

Lets get a bit more information to find which option may be best for your situation. Do ANY of the following apply to your situation?

Have you been more than 30 days late on your home loan in the past 6 months?
Are you currently unemployed? (Those on retirement and Government Benefits are not considered unemployed)
Do you estimate your current credit score is less than 650?
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It looks like you may have options to avoid foreclosure!

If you were to sell your home and move to avoid foreclosure, would you be able to do all of the following to receive the highest price?

Be able to wait at least 60 days before closing?
Clean and repair the home prior to showings?
Be able to leave the home during showings?
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